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Within the manufacturing environment, employees are an organization’s greatest asset. Companies succeed when their workers possess the knowledge and skills to perform at their best. Ivy Tech Corporate College offers a variety of talent development and selection solutions to help manufacturing companies determine which candidates may be the best fit for leadership positions. Ivy Tech can assess your current workforce skill and knowledge gaps and offer targeted solutions, customized to your organization and targeted to meet your individual needs.

Management and Supervisory Institute 2.0 (MSI 2.0)
The Institute provides a high impact, progressive program, used to train manufacturing’s most critical personnel: front-line and middle-level managers and supervisors. Frequently, individuals are moved into supervisory roles with little or no training because they have other key attributes recognized by the organization, such as technical expertise or proven hands-on knowledge. While qualified to perform the nuts and bolts of the job, they lack the necessary communication, organizational, and motivational skills to effectively get the job done through supervising other people.

MSI 2.0 provides supervisory professionals in the industrial and manufacturing environment with training in communication, leadership, interpersonal skills, and managerial performance. Class participants will be engaged and involved in the following classes while they learn best practices used in other industries and organizations:

  • Your Role Using Extended DISC
  • Tools of Management for Manufacturing
  • Results-Oriented Communication in Dynamic Environments
  • Technical Writing for Achieving Quality Results
  • Presenting Ideas for Quality Improvement
  • Manage and Resolve Conflict
  • Focused and Cost-Effective Meetings
  • Manufacturing Business Basics
  • HR Aspects of Manufacturing Supervision
  • Supervisor as CoachEmployee Professional Development Strategies

Corporate College Customizable Supervision Training Options

  • Achieving Supervisory Excellence
  • Effectively Using Leadership Skills in the Workplace
  • Front-line Supervision in Manufacturing
  • Coaching and Supervision for Industry
  • Human Resource Development
  • Project Management for Industry Professionals
  • Introductory and Advanced Leadership Training
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