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Program Overview

Before exploring Ivy Tech’s programs, it’s important to understand the two very different career paths they lead to. Click here to learn about the different between engineering and engineering technology.

Ivy Tech Community College offers two programs that allow students to transfer on to a bachelor’s degree program:

Engineering Technology

  • This two-year program prepares students for entry into a four-year engineering technology program.
  • The two-year program coursework emphasizes communications, science, math and applications.
  • Many courses are introductory treatments of mechanical and electrical applications and materials technology.
  • Skills used in analysis and communication with engineers and designers emphasized.
  • Skills needed for working with manufacturing and fabricators emphasized also.
  • Intended typically for transfer to a four year school; this is not a terminal degree.


  • This two-year program prepares students for entry into formal engineering degree programs at four-year universities.
  • The Pre-Engineering two-year program has about 20 percent general education in subjects like the humanities and social sciences.
  • The required technical courses emphasize calculus, chemistry and physics, mechanical and electrical sciences and engineering graphics.
  • The result is an associate of science degree that lays the foundation for success at a university offering a wide choice of different engineering specializations.


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