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How Can Technology Help Manage Employee Relationships?

Every manager needs to build and maintain strong relationships with employees. This is so that work is more enjoyable for everyone and so that you can get the most out of your team, prevent high staff turnover, and create the right kind of culture in the business. Building and maintaining relationships is not easy, though, especially in a time where many people are working remotely. Fortunately, technology can play a major role here and help managers and employees to forge strong, positive working relationships that can benefit all parties and help the company to succeed. Here are a few of the best ways to manage employee relationships with the use of tech.

Videoconferencing and Virtual Hangouts

With so many people working remotely and many businesses now looking to make remote hires, it can create a challenge when it comes to managing relationships as there is no face-to-face communication which is so important for any kind of relationship. Fortunately, tech has been able to help here with videoconferencing, which can provide the next best thing and help to maintain a human relationship. Virtual hangouts are also proving to be useful now as a way for remote staff to feel engaged and connected to the business.

Social Media

Social media can also be a great way to manage employee relationships and create a sense of community even when people are working remotely. These platforms can be used to connect and engage with staff, keep people updated on the latest news from the business, celebrate achievements by staff, and generally help people to feel part of a community and able to communicate with one another.

Employee Relations Software

You can also use employee relations software that can be useful in terms of automating repetitive processes, insight into absence and leave, and AI-powered analytics. XCD ERM software can make all areas of employee relations much easier to manage and allow you to spot patterns and trends that may have been hard to identify otherwise, which could help you to spot small problems before they become major issues and ensure that staff are always well looked after and progressing.

Employee Surveys

Another smart way to use tech to manage employee relationships is with the use of employee surveys. Having employees able to complete digital, anonymous surveys can provide them with a platform for sharing their honest opinion, offering ideas for improvements that can be made, and generally providing feedback that can be useful as a business owner. It is not always easy to get honest feedback from the staff, but it can be incredibly useful, so online surveys are a smart way to obtain feedback and help you improve work for your team and improve business performance.

These are all effective ways to use tech to manage employee relationships, which is particularly helpful in today’s day and age where many are working remotely, and the face-to-face aspect of business has been lost. Utilizing tech can help to ensure that relationships are strong, employees feel engaged with the business, and you can find ways to improve.

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