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How Gatsby Tool Works In Developing A Webpage

Now that you are familiar with Gatsby, it’s time to find out how the tool works. In a simplified way, the functioning of GatsbyJS can be summarized in three basic steps, although within them, there may be other even smaller processes. Get to know each one:

Data Source

This is the first step in developing a webpage through Gatsby. It consists of the data source that will be used. Through its reading, the tool will build the website’s functionalities in the next step.


After executing the previous point, comes the second essential step of development in Gatsby. It consists of incorporating JavaScript, CSS, and HTML codes necessary for the construction of the Web pages.


Finally, it’s time for the last essential step of Gatsby development, known as deploy. It consists of delivering the static files generated in the previous step and viewing the page on the web.

Advantages Of GatsbyJS

Gatsby is a tool that has become popular in recent years and used by several companies to build their websites. This popularity is not by chance, as it can offer advantages when designing web pages.

The tool can bring greater practicality and ease in the process of developing web pages. That’s why we’re going to tell you some of the advantages of using GatsbyJS:


This is an exciting advantage, and it makes the process of building a website a lot easier. Gatsby is capable of reading data from the most diverse bases. That way, you can choose to use the one you’re most used to without problems, be it CMS, Markdown, or any other.

This ability to read codes from different databases is also reflected in the versatility of using the tool. Although its most recurrent use is on the front end of blogs, some companies already use it in e-commerce and other business websites.


One of the most popular advantages of using GatsbyJS is the speed it offers to load the site. As this is an SSG, the web pages are static and do not need to contact the server for each new access of a user.

This is an important point, as one of Google’s ranking factors is the loading speed. This means that the faster a page’s information loads, the more likely it is to appear among the top organic search results.


Security is a significant factor for web pages like catapult revenue given cyber-attacks and hackers. The good news is that the static structure used by Gatsby to create the websites makes it difficult for attackers to access the files. Therefore, the tool is an excellent option for anyone working with sensitive personal data.


When designing a website, one of the concerns is with the server used to host it. It is common to have incompatibilities between the chosen server and the technology used to construct the Web pages, which limits the possibility of choosing between the services.

With the development in GatsbyJS, this problem no longer exists. When creating a website in this framework, the page is compatible with the most diverse servers—in this sense, increasing the possibility of choice and reducing costs arising from hosting.

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