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Preparing Your Website For The Google Core Web Vitals Update

Google has announced that in May, they will be implementing their Core Web Vitals update, and it is something you need to get your website ready for or face the consequences. Failing to prepare for this update may see your web traffic taking a dive, which may significantly affect your sales. There is plenty of online information on this subject, which you can use to help get your website ready. Below is a brief description of the update and the best way to get your website prepared for it.

What Is The Core Web Vitals Update?

The update will primarily look at the user experience of the website and how people interact with the site in question. It will look at things like the page loading speed of the website, the bounce rate of people clicking straight off the site, and how mobile-friendly it is. It is getting increasingly important for websites to think of the users first rather than the search engines, which is at the heart of this update from Google. The better the user experience is for your website, the better Google will see it and reward this in increased visibility online.

Getting Your Website Ready For The Update

There are a lot of things that you can do to prepare your website for this update, and you should start with a full audit of the site. A website audit can help identify potential problem areas so you can address them before the update goes live. The primary areas you should concentrate on are:

  • Loading – How quickly your website loads on mobile and desktop devices.
  • Interactivity – How interactive your website is and how users interact with it.
  • Visual Stability – Looks at the visual stability of a web page and number of unexpected layout changes which may occur.

Making Changes On Your Website

Unless you are an expert in digital marketing, you may need to use a reputable agency such as Primal, which can make the process of getting your website ready for the update a simple task. If you do not have a dedicated marketing team and web developer in your business, it may be too much to take on yourself with everything else you need to run a successful online business.

Start Now Before It Is Too Late

Time is running out to prepare your website for the upcoming update, so you need to address it immediately. If you are not already looking at this, then speak to a reputable agency today and get your website ready before it is too late, with your online visibility drastically reduced, affecting your profitability.

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