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What are the best 10 free steam games of 2019 that blew us away?

When Steam was only a tiny platform, Valve’s digital marketplace only offered a few titles created by the company. About two decades later, Steam is a very different beast, with a menu so long and winding that it’s likely to please even the most rabid player.

There are some jewels to be found, though, when you sort through the decent, terrible, and really dreadful. And certainly, there are a few that are completely unrestricted.

It’s impossible to know what to play since there are so many genres to choose from when it comes to free stream games. We could find out action games, role-playing games, and card collecting games. New titles were being introduced at such a rapid rate that it’s hard to keep up.

The quality of free games has risen dramatically in the last few years, thanks in part to titles like Fortnite and Apex Legends, which have set new standards. Some of the best single-player games may be found, which is a pleasant surprise.

In the following, you will find our best picks for some of the free stream games, expansions, and relaunches of 2019.


If you think of Gravitas as a Portal knockoff, you’d be wrong. After playing a few levels, you’ll notice the game has layers you didn’t realize existed. “Honor” or “honorary” could be a better word.


These capabilities allow you to play your PC game on your Android or iOS smartphone, or vice versa. Two years after the beta premiered, the game has undergone several upgrades, including new venues with improved graphics and other gameplay enhancements.


It’s another game for lone-wolf players, a magical adventure with beautiful imagery that drew praise from PC Gamer. Hi-res pixel graphics and animations combine to create an engaging tale with substantial character evolution and many endings.


In September 2019, Maelstrom becomes ad-free on Steam. This naval strategy game puts you in conflict with other naval great powers and creatures on the ocean floor in a “grim fantasy world of leviathans, fleets, and magic”.

‘Destiny 2’-

On Steam, you may play Destiny 2 for free. The launch of Shadowkeep, the game’s first expansion pack, coincided with the game’s transfer from Battle.net to Steam.


Warframe should be familiar to everyone who hasn’t been living under a gaming rock. Despite its age, this critically acclaimed and widely praised free-to-play third-person action game still manages to please.

‘Shakes and Fidget Remastered’-

The smart satirical RPG Shakes and Figdet Remastered from 2016 has been remastered. Despite the fact that it was released in November of last year, this is officially a 2019 game.


I recommend this to everyone who enjoyed BioWare’s classic Neverwinter Nights RPG. Even if you didn’t, but you’re a fan of role-playing games in general, this one’s for you.


Over 25 million people have played Paladins, and the game has won several accolades for its excellence.


Backbone will be released in 2020, however in the meanwhile, players may play the Prologue for free till then.

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